The musings and lamentings blog of the trials and triumphs of a multi-tasking freelancing retired woman… a writer, photographer who has been a gardener, a farmer, a rancher, a nature lover, an animal lover, a designer and married.

Written By and Illustrated by Karen Nesbitt KBE-LTD (c)

The Journey

And so it begins. My Journey on Word Press. There is nothing like having to learn how to do a new blog! Just when you think you have it ready to go, the computer crashes before I get a chance to save the draft!


Yesterday I did, I started my site here and then it happened. The screen went black and poof this morning when I got back online it was gone! Crash! I was miffed, to say the least, and it took me all day to get my wits about me and to begin starting over.



Today, I started over. Maybe in the long run of things it was better it disappeared and I got the chance for a do-over as I had a terrible time with the formatting and I could not seem to get it together. The only bad part at the moment is my lost content.. well that is gone forever and I will have to draw that anew! Those pages are retitled now and waiting in the wings for me to have at them.

Junk Happens

I think things like that happen to the best of us. We get it all online and then “junk” just happens. We can kick and scream when it does but the only thing that you can do is to start again. Note to self… refresh regularly and hit that save the draft often! So here we go, off and running like a crazy woodpecker on an alphabet keyboard. Kick back, grab a cuppa and come join me. I will not candy coat it, it is not starting pretty and may not always get pretty!


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The events in this blog are events from the author’s experience and not intended for anything other than information on those experiences.

If you try any recipes or methods used in this blog, you do so solely at your own risk. What works for the author may or may not necessarly work for you as results may vary due to many factors.

Any commercial products used by the author, listed or shown does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of that product. However, the author may reference a product that it is recommended or maybe not. Authors failures or successes with a product does not necessarily mean the product is inferior. Please purchase and form your own opinions about any products that may be used in this blog.

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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Well, I have been at this blog for a month… it has had it’s frustrations and triumphs. Things are running smooth on one hand and not so on the other. I seem to have a little software conflict going on. But hopefully I will get that rectified soon enough. Lots of chapters and still building on, little by little. Had a few people pop in, that is awesome and hope they will visit again.


  2. 3-29-19 – If you are tagging along you will notice that this journal has grown tremendously in the last month. There are many subjects and many chapters. Each chapter is updated as my gardening moves along. Some places you might only find a small writeup on the chapter, others are pretty long. I have a very extensive garden.


  3. It is the middle of April now and I think I am on a roll finally in the how to does of this blog. If you are joining me, please feel free to post a comment, ask a question, hit the like and share. I hope also that you enjoy my products and would consider a purchase. Thank you so much for coming!


  4. 4-30-19 – well I think we have finally switched from the last of winter frosts to spring as rains are here. We are now up to 2 inches for the annual count. For weather, I have started my WEATHER page.


  5. Well, here it is August and the garden and this blog is growing in leaps and bounds. I hope you will enjoy it. It not only serves as my garden journal, it has some pretty cool other stuff. Well, I think so and hope you do too.

    While I try to be somewhat educational through this blog, please be aware of what works for me, may not necessarily work for you!

    Your support is greatly appreciated and so always feel free to leave a question, comment, share and like.

    I do receive royalties from my art. However, what you may see in photos here are not necessarily an endorsement of a product, it is just what I happen to be using and so I get no monetary satisfaction in promoting those products if any are show with a brand name. (As in many of the types of seed I use.)

    My HOMESPUN products are available for barter so please use the contact tab at the top of the pages!

    Above all,
    As ever enjoy!


  6. I have been extremely busy in the garden and in the kitchen. The dehydrator has been going almost non-stop since July 2nd. And it always smells so good in the house. I have been adding to my Homespun chapter daily. Check out my chapter!


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